My Modeling Work:

My Software:
Maya, ZBrush, Photoshop, AfterEffects, Flash
- Little Girl in Swing: design, model, maquette

- Cai (Little boy from photo inspiration): design, model
- Boy Character - Rebel Media: design, model, blendshapes, UV layout, textures
- Girl Character - Rebel Media: design, model, UV layout, textures

- Old Man Sculpt
- Elephant Warrior (design by Andrew Shek): model, pose
- Vulcaniana (design by Oscar Jimenez Vargas): model, pose, UV layout, textures
- Men Busts: sculpt/concept, model, topology
- Apartment Environment (freeze-frame): all designs, models, set-dressing, posing

- Classroom Environment: all designs, models, set-dressing
- Dragon Hatchery: modeling, UV Layout, Texturing (© DreamWorks and React! Games)
- Modeling test
- "The Chipmunk" Camper Trailer (design by Kendall Nelson): model, UV layout, textures

Sketchbooking Samples

My Resume and Cover-letter